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Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management

Understand the essentials of Key Account Management through this clear, concise and no-nonsense guide.
EAN: 9780749480776
Edition: 1
Format: 235x158
248 pages

About the book

Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management explores the challenges of winning, retaining and developing key accounts. Key accounts are customers who help their suppliers grow, and consequently, they wield significant power. Although they are the key to market share and revenue growth, the costs of serving key accounts can erode profitability unless they are thoroughly understood and managed.

Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management takes a step-by-step approach to presenting best practice in key account management. Whether your business is starting up or well-established, there is always more to discover about improving the way value is created between you and your most important customers. Malcolm McDonald and Beth Rogers have spent over twenty years researching, teaching and consulting on key account management, and have condensed their knowledge into this book, focusing on making it clear, concise and easy to use.

About the authors

Beth Rogers

Beth Rogers, BA, MBA, FCIM, PhD, PFHEA, is recognised internationally for her contribution to sales education. She was part of the original Cranfield research team on key account management in the 1990s, and has shared her expertise with companies and educational institutes across a variety of sectors and geographies including the USA, China, South Africa and Europe. Formerly a business development manager in IT, Beth Rogers pioneered sales teaching methodology at Portsmouth Business School. She chaired the project board which developed National Occupational Standards for sales in the UK. She is a director of two organisations, and writes articles for business magazines on sales topics.

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Malcolm McDonald

Professor Malcolm McDonald enjoys a global reputation as a leading authority on marketing. He was until recently Professor of Marketing and Deputy Director at Cranfield University School of Management, and is now an Emeritus Professor at the University as well as being an Honorary Professor at Warwick Business School. He has been consultant to many major companies from the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Far East, South-East Asia, Australasia and Africa, in the areas of strategic marketing and marketing planning, market segmentation, key account management, international marketing and marketing accountability. Malcolm is also Chairman of six companies and works with the operating boards of some of the world's leading multinationals on all continents. He has written over 40 books including the best-selling Marketing Plans: How to prepare them, how to use them.

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Soundly based on accepted theory, this book represents an inestimable practical guide to key account management. As a rare collection of wisdom and insight into KAM, it has great value for practitioners and students, and is highly recommended for those aiming for the AKAM Diploma. Malcolm McDonald and Beth Rogers were among the very first in the UK to acknowledge and research KAM, making important contributions to this professional discipline which is still poorly understood by most companies.

Dr Diana Woodburn, Chairman of the Association for Key Account Management