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How Bold Leadership Changes the World

Reclaim your power to make positive changes in your organization and beyond by channelling your inner maverick.
EAN: 9781398604391
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
240 pages

About the book

How many of our business leaders truly embody the change needed in the world of work and beyond? Not nearly enough. This book shows you how to reclaim your power to make a difference, by unleashing your inner maverick.

Organizations are where the world's most innovative and impactful talents lie; we have the ingenuity, the technology and the resources to change the world for the better. Discover how to awaken the maverick mindset in you; one that will question, debate and enhance. Mavericks are the key to answering some of the world' most pressing challenges; they don't settle for anything less, and neither should you. Mavericks shows you how being a maverick isn't about shooting from the hip and rocking the boat for the sake of it, it's about demanding better of yourself and your organization for the wider good.

In Mavericks, business consultants, London Business School faculty members and authors David Lewis and Jules Goddard guide you through the five characteristics that you can develop to become a maverick leader. From passionate belief, an undeterred attitude, being resourceful, being directional and finally experimenting, these characteristics are the blueprint for you to grow into an iconic and positive change maker. The focus is not on what becoming a leader can do for you, but on what you can do to make the world a better place.

About the authors

David Lewis is the Director of Senior Executive Education at London Business School. He has 35 years of experience in business consulting and has worked with executives and teams globally. In 2019, David was shortlisted as one to watch on the Thinkers50 Radar of top global management thinkers. He lives in London, UK.

Dr Jules Goddard is a world-renowned leadership and strategy expert and consultant who is a fellow at London Business School. He has worked with hundreds of global clients that include Toshiba, Tata, Danone and Epson. He is based in London, UK.