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Media Interview Techniques

A Complete Guide to Media Training

Confidently deliver a key message across channels, even in crisis conditions, with this complete guide to representing either yourself or an organization in the media.
EAN: 9780749474720
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
224 pages

About the book

Any individual preparing for an interview with the media, however practiced or well-rehearsed they are, worries about failing to convey the essential points, or encountering that awkward question in the glare of public scrutiny. As media channels multiply by the day, offering ever more opportunities for exposure, so they also present a growing probability of finding oneself in front of the camera, webcam, or microphone in a make-or-break encounter where every word, gesture or expression counts. Never has media training been more relevant, or more in demand.

Media Interview Techniques is the authoritative guide to giving successful media interviews, combining the author's own unique models and techniques with a survey of published research and influential opinion to help the reader prepare for that occasion when called upon to represent an organization publicly. Supported throughout with insightful anecdotes and transcripts of good and bad interviews given by George W. Bush, HRH Prince Philip and other notable figures, this book presents the author's methodology which has been proven across the spectrum of industry sectors both nationally and internationally. This book is written for those who speak on behalf of commercial companies, public services, charities or NGOs, or as a subject expert. No PR executive, press officer or communications professional can afford to be without a copy for briefing clients prior to an interview. The book is also supported by online resources, including web links for each chapter to relevant media interviews and high-profile news stories.

About the authors

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor is one of the UK's most experienced media trainers: his trainees include more than 1,000 executives from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Department for International Development and the British Council, including ambassadors. Other clients have included the executive management teams of the Olympic Delivery Authority for London 2012, senior executives at Accenture, BT, British Airways, FedEx, SAP, Orange, Oracle and SITA, as well as a huge range of public sector bodies and charities. He has been the leading media trainer of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations since 2008.

More about Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor shares a lifetime of experience training spokesmen for media interviews in this one book. It's a treasure trove of information, examples and guidance. Quite simply, if you love or fear giving media interviews you will learn something from Robert's expert advice.

Vickie Sheriff, Former Official Spokesman for the Prime Minister