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Myths of Social Media

Dismiss the misconceptions, side-step the slip-ups and use social media effectively in business

Understand the do's and don'ts, and dismiss the fallacies of using social media for business in this well researched and practical guide.
Available to pre-order from 3rd December 2019
EAN: 9780749498719
Edition: 1
Format: 216x138
288 pages

About the book

Everyone knows that social media is free, millennials are all adept social media experts, that businesses always have to be available 24/7 and ultimately none of it really matters, as the digital space is full of fake news and online messaging is seen as inauthentic. Don't they?

The use of social media as a business tool is dominated by falsehoods, fictions and fabrications. In Myths of Social Media, digital consultant Michelle Carvill and workplace psychologist Ian MacRae dismiss many of the most keenly-held misconceptions and instead, present the reality of social media best practice. Using helpful and instructive, sometimes entertaining and occasionally eye-watering examples of what you should and should not do, Myths of Social Media debunks the most commonly held myths and shows you how to use social media effectively for work and at work.

About the authors

Michelle Carvill

Michelle Carvill is Founder of Carvill Creative - a social media marketing agency founded in 2002 whose clients include the BBC, Nuffield Health and Norbord. Passionate about the digital future she advises clients on Online Marketing Communication and Social Media Strategies and leads a team delivering practical social media planning and daily management.She also works with different training organisations developing and delivering training courses around social media, digital marketing, content creation, blogging and online business, both in the UK and overseas, for businesses like PwC, LinkedIn, Air Products and the Association of Corporate Counsels.

More about Michelle Carvill

Ian MacRae

Ian MacRae is Director of High Potential, an organisational consultancy providing customised psychological tests and reports for improving performance, predicting potential and developing people. He is a PhD candidate at Maastricht University, and is co-author of Motivation and Performance and Myths of Work.

More about Ian MacRae

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