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Negotiating, Influencing and Persuading

Negotiating, Influencing and Persuading

Terry Gillen


Customize your own ready-made training course so that your employees will be better equipped to reach clear and beneficial agreements with clients, suppliers and colleagues.

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About the book

Negotiating, influencing and persuading skills are vital to successful business relationships. With the right skills your employees will be better equipped to reach clear agreements with clients, suppliers or colleagues with less stress and substantial benefit for your organisation. Ideal for training managers, HR professionals, business leaders and internal and external coaches, the Negotiating, Influencing and Persuading toolkit provides all you need to upskill your employees with an effective training course. It provides valuable insights into adapting personal style, maintaining progress through the various phases of the negotiation, and developing skills at handling difficult issues, such as conflict.

Negotiating, Influencing and Persuading contains 29 practical exercises designed to help develop skills. Ready-made sample programmes each dealing with a specific issue guide you through common pitfalls, useful and informative handouts support the activities and aid understanding, whilst information on post-exercise learning processes will sustain the transfer of skills to the workplace. All the tools are provided electronically so that you can customise a training course to suit your own requirements, saving hours of preparation time and allowing your course to remain fresh, engaging and highly professional.

About the Series:

The HR Toolkits provide complete sets of customizable, printable resources to facilitate in-house training and development workshops and strategy design. Supplied as both ring binders and electronic files, and consisting of modules which can be used individually or combined for more extended programmes, the toolkits include ready-made practical exercises, handouts, discussion questions and more to upskill employees.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Commentary;
    • Chapter - 01: Overview of Exercises;
    • Chapter - 02: Example Programmes;
    • Chapter - 03: Handouts;
  • Section - ONE: The Exercises;
    • Chapter - 04: A Few Fundamentals;
    • Chapter - 05: The Skills you Need to Succeed;
    • Chapter - 06: Your Interpersonal Skills Appraisal;
    • Chapter - 07: Getting Closer to the Outcome you Want;
  • Section - TWO: Persuading Skills;
    • Chapter - 08: Persuading Skills Quiz;
    • Chapter - 09: Effective Probing;
    • Chapter - 10: The Persuasive Funnel;
    • Chapter - 11: Using the Right Words;
    • Chapter - 12: Your Assertiveness Appraisal;
    • Chapter - 13: Understanding Assertive Behaviour;
    • Chapter - 14: Assertive Tools;
    • Chapter - 15: Resisting Manipulation;
    • Chapter - 16: Defusing Anger and Resolving Conflict;
    • Chapter - 17: Resolving Big Differences;
    • Chapter - 18: Acting as Arbiter;
    • Chapter - 19: 'Selling' Proposals and Ideas;
  • Section - THREE: Influencing Skills;
    • Chapter - 20: Influencing Skills Quiz;
    • Chapter - 21: Understanding Body Language;
    • Chapter - 22: Building Rapport Quickly and Easily;
    • Chapter - 23: Subtle Influencing in Spoken and Written Communication;
    • Chapter - 24: Avoiding Inadvertent Irritators;
    • Chapter - 25: Your Group Skills Appraisal;
    • Chapter - 26: Influencing Group Discussions;
  • Section - FOUR: Negotiating Skills;
    • Chapter - 27: Negotiating Quiz;
    • Chapter - 28: Are you a Natural Negotiator?;
    • Chapter - 29: Increasing your Bargaining Power;
    • Chapter - 30: Getting used to Trading;
    • Chapter - 31: Distinguishing Between Wants and Needs;
    • Chapter - 32: The Supply/Value Matrix;
    • Chapter - 33: Resisting Negotiating Ploys and Gambits

Book Details

  • Imprint: CIPD - Kogan Page
  • EAN: 9781843981824
  • Edition: 2
  • Published: 27th February 2008
  • Loose-leaf
  • Format: 317x283
  • 376 pages
  • Series: HR Toolkits

About the Author

Terry Gillen is a UK consultant, trainer and author specialising in subjects that improve people's performance, relationships and well-being. Working successfully with many well-known organisations, writing numerous books and articles and consulting on videos and e-learning programmes, he has helped thousands of people become more assertive. Terry also has an extensive track record of writing excellent material for other trainers, not only saving them valuable time but providing them with easy-to-use professional tools that make a real impact.

Terry Gillen