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Neurodiversity at Work

Drive Innovation, Performance and Productivity with a Neurodiverse Workforce

Achieve the productivity, performance and financial benefits of a neurodiverse workforce by optimizing your HR policies and processes.
EAN: 9781398600249
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
288 pages

About the book

An organization's employees are its biggest competitive advantage. Performance gains can be achieved through cost saving, process improvement or technology adoption, but the biggest difference is made by people. This means that recruiting, engaging and retaining the very best talent has never been more important.

Crucially, these employees should be a diverse group of people with different approaches, skills and strengths in problem solving and driving innovation. As well as focusing on gender, race, age and class, it is critical that businesses also develop a neurodiverse workforce if they are committed to outperforming the competition and achieving sustainable business growth.

Neurodiversity at Work is a practical guide that explains what neurodiversity is, why it's important and what the benefits are. It covers how to attract, recruit and engage neurodiverse talent and provides guidance on how to adapt HR policies, processes and workplaces to ensure that all employees, including the 2 in 10 employees in the UK who are neurodiverse, can reach their full potential.

Neurodiversity at Work is packed full of case studies from leading organizations who are already seeing the productivity, performance and financial benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace including Microsoft, Ford and EY. Also featured are interviews with people who have successfully adapted their HR processes for neurodiversity, including the Head of Talent Acquisition at IBM and the Head of People and Culture at Autotrader. Including tips, advice, examples and 'how to' actions in every chapter, this is essential reading for every HR professional.

About the authors

Theo Smith is the Recruitment Manager at NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). Based in the UK, he was selected to be part of the Resourcing Leaders 100 (RL100), Europe's leading network of resourcing leaders. Prior to this he was the Resourcing Manager at TMP Worldwide.

Professor Amanda Kirby is the Founder and CEO of Do-IT Solutions and a registered GP. Based in the UK, she is an advisor to the Department of Work and Pensions on Neurodiversity as well as a lecturer at the University of South Wales.