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Orbit-Shifting Innovation

The Dynamics of Ideas that Create History

Overcome obstacles to innovation and maximise the impact of transformative change with this unique framework.
EAN: 9780749468750
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
312 pages

About the book

"The Dynamics Of Ideas That Create History"
Orbit-shifting innovation happens when an area that needs transformation meets an innovator with the will and the desire to create, and not follow, history. At the heart of every orbit-shifting innovation is the breakthrough that achieves a transformative impact.

Businesses, social enterprises and even governments need orbit-shifting ideas to create a transformative impact. But how does that ground breaking idea come about, and what translates it into actuality? Charting the vast global landscape of orbit-shifting innovation and using unique examples from prominent businesses, the social sector, entrepreneurs and public services - spread across US, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia - the authors build insight into the key drivers behind taking on a transformative challenge and provide a unique framework to navigate the pitfalls and challenges in making it happen.

Orbit-shifting innovation empowers everyone to overcome the obstacles to innovation and provides the tools to maximize the impact of transformative change. The inspirational examples and tools for success compel leaders and entrepreneurs to not only pursue impossible challenges but lead the successful journey from conception of an orbit-shifting idea to actually creating history.

About the authors

Rajiv Narang

Rajiv Narang is Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Erehwon. Recognised as India's Innovation Thought Leader, Rajiv is part of National Planning Commission panel to recommend 'India's Innovation Strategy', a Council member of the 'Innovation for India' Foundation and Co-chairperson of the FICCI Innovation Committee.

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Devika Devaiah

Devika Devaiah is a Director of Erehwon and a globally established speaker, trainer and mentor, having worked with a number of leading business from ESPN to Unilever.

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Devaiah & Narang's new book is an utterly fresh take on the urgent topic of disruptive innovation. The planetary metaphor of gravity and orbits frames a lively exploration of hidden forces (cultural gravity of arrogance/subservience) and surprising allies (lateral thinking). The authors share an inspiring diversity of first-hand case examples, from cataract surgery to TV quiz shows, and cultural backdrops ranging from Korea to Hindustan. You'll come away not only believing it can be done, but knowing how you can do it.

Tim Ogilvie, CEO, Peer Insight and co-author, Designing for Growth