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Product Design and the Supply Chain

Competing Through Design

Learn about the strategic role of product design in the supply chain and how it can transform your current practices and organizational boundaries.
EAN: 9780749478230
Edition: 1
Format: 234x154
264 pages

About the book

Product design touches every aspect of modern life, determining the form and function of the products and technologies that we use every day. Product design is not just concerned with the appearance and functionality of products; it has an important role in determining the cost, pricing, risk and profitability profile of those products. Product Design and the Supply Chain shows how decisions taken at the design stage of a product's life cycle go on to affect that product's subsequent value to a company. Eighty percent of a product's eventual supply chain costs are already present at the early stages of product design and development. This book allows companies to make informed design decisions that have significant positive through-life implications for risk, complexity and responsiveness, thus allowing them to create a 'moat' that is difficult for competitors to sidestep or surmount.

Product Design and the Supply Chain contains fascinating content applicable to industry. It is full of useful and insightful real-life cases and examples. This book sets out to show how design impacts: sales revenues, pricing, time to market, manufacturing and supply chain costs, supply chain risks, brand loyalty, and competitiveness.

About the authors

Omera Khan

Omera Khan has gained international recognition for her research and thought leadership in supply chain risk management. A passionate educator and highly acclaimed speaker, Omera is skilled at presenting complex subjects in a simple and thought-provoking manner. She provides training and workshops at all levels of an organization and specializes in strategic supply chain risk management and resilience, emerging trends and technologies, disruptive innovation and business transformation. Omera is a Professor of Supply Chain Management and Director of the MSc in International Supply Chain Management at Royal Holloway, University of London (UK) and a Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Agder in Norway and regularly teaches on an adjunct basis at universities around the world.

More about Omera Khan

Omera Khan has beautifully bridged the yawning gap ­between ­product design and supply chain design - a gap that has existed since the logistics/supply chain domain became an accepted management discipline over 50 years ago. Her emphasis on conscious design of the supply chain rather than the inside-out style of thinking that has prevailed to date is very refreshing. And she backs up her case with an impressive array of case studies. This book is long overdue, and a must read for ­leaders of all corporate functions.'

Dr. John Gattorna, Adjunct Professor, University of Technology, Sydney, and Executive Chairman, Gattorna Alignment