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Risk Maturity Models

Risk Maturity Models

How to Assess Risk Management Effectiveness

Domenic Antonucci

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Assess the effectiveness of your organization's risk management protocols by creating and using a tailored risk maturity model brought by a chief risk officer.

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About the book

This book offers a practical solution for every organization that needs to monitor the effectiveness of their risk management. Written by a practising Chief Risk Officer, Risk Maturity Models enables you to build confidence in your organization's risk management process through a tailored risk maturity model that lends itself to benchmarking. This is a management tool that is easy to design, practical and powerful, which can baseline and self-improve the maturity capabilities needed to deliver ERM benefits over time. This book guides the reader through comparing and tailoring a wealth of existing models, methods and reference standards and codes (such as ISO 31000 and COSO ERM). Covering 60 risk-related maturity models in clear comparison format, it helps risk professionals to select the approach best suited to their circumstances, and even design their own model.

Risk Maturity Models provides focused messages for the risk management function, the internal audit function, and the Board. Combining proven practice and insight with realistic practitioner scenarios, this is essential reading for every risk, project, audit and board professional who wants to move their organization up the risk maturity curve.

Table Of Contents

  • Section - 01: Background to risk maturity models;
  • Section - 02: The case for a risk maturity model;
  • Section - 03: Comparing risk maturity models against each other;
  • Section - 04: Tailoring and benchmarking a risk maturity model;
  • Section - 05: Designing a tailored risk maturity model;
  • Section - 06: How risk, audit and board functions benefit from risk maturity;
  • Section - 07: Summary of risk maturity models from practitioner perspectives;


We live and work in an increasingly complex, faster moving and connected world. The risk landscape faced by organisations today and in the future is increasingly one made up of intangible risks - risks typically more difficult to assess and control than more 'traditional' physical risks. Intangible risks demand an enterprise risk management (ERM) approach - archaic risk silos have no place in this world - cyber is not just an IT risk, people are not just an HR risk. Risk management is at the top of the board room agenda and organisations are seeking ways in which they can evaluate and benchmark their ERM maturity. This authoritative book by Domenic Antonucci, a recognised international thought leader in the space of risk maturity is a welcome addition to every risk professional's tool kit. The book follows a logical approach and is packed with information designed to explain risk maturity and to help risk professionals use this technique in support of their position as risk leaders and trusted risk advisors.
Julia Graham, AIRMIC Ltd

Risk management maturity models enable organizations to gauge the development and evolution of their risk management practices. Dominic Antonucci's Risk Maturity Models stands out from other risk management texts on this topic because it provides very practical guidance, supported by numerous case studies. The book brings to life the benefits of risk maturity models when effectively applied and is simple but effective in its approach.
Nicola Crawford, IRM UK Board member

For years Domenic has been one of the leading thinkers on risk management maturity models. Now he's sharing his thoughts in a book that can help others use maturity models as a means to advance risk management maturity. Risk Maturity Models should be in the library of every risk management practitioner who's looking to advance their risk management capabilities.
Paul Sobel, IA ex Chairman, Vice President/Chief Audit Executive IIA Global

Risk maturity models are useful to organizations that want to compare their current state of risk management capability to an appropriate target level. With his book, Domenic Antonucci offers risk practitioners not only a comprehensive review of existing risk maturity models, but also a method to build one that will satisfy the specific needs of any organization.
Ghislain Giroux Dufort, President at Baldwin Global Risk Strategies Inc.

Risk Maturity is currently a hot topic within the Risk Management discipline, being mentioned in various books, standards as well as being discussed at length in conferences across the globe. Up until this book however, there have been a lack of publications on the topic. Domenic Antonucci provides a detailed insight into the history of Risk Maturity Models and their benefits. The book is relevant to all organizations implementing risk management who are seeking more information on risk maturity models, whether they believe themselves to be best in class, and looking for a way to measure their risk maturity, or having only recently started their Risk Management Journey and looking for a roadmap to help guide them to increased levels of maturity.
Alexander Larsen BHRM, FIRM Risk & Controls Co-Ordinator – West Qurna Project

Risk management is often portrayed as a subject impenetrable to those who work outside the discipline, with jargon and techniques obscuring the real value that risk-based decision making can bring to organisations. Domenic Antonucci's book changes all this. Through a wealth of practical experience and accessible examples, Dom shows how anyone can measure, review and indeed improve the level of risk maturity in their organisation. With techniques that can be used both in commercial businesses and in public and third sector organisations anywhere in the world, this book is relevant to you. Indeed, whether you manage risk directly, or influence the way it's exploited, you'll find this guide of real and lasting value.
Steve Fowler, Managing Director at Amarreurs Consulting Ltd, Ex-CEO at the Institute of Risk Management

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749477585
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd July 2016
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x157
  • 320 pages

About the Author

Domenic is a practicing Chief Risk Officer and senior risk, governance and compliance consultant. An Australian expatriate based in Dubai UAE, Domenic specializes in bringing organizations 'up the risk maturity curve' and building risk practitioner tools for implementing ERM, ISO 31000:2009 and COSO ERM. Formerly with Marsh Risk Consulting, Shell and Red Cross, he enjoys over 30 years experience in risk, strategic planning and business management across many sectors in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia-Pacific. A regular international conference presenter and author, he is the content author for various risk maturity model software releases. These include Benchmarker™ risk maturity model, the first tool to self-assess risk management effectiveness through a set of capabilities expected to be delivered by a head of risk and cross-walked to both ISO 31000 and COSO ERM. His book Risk Maturity Models is the first to focus on this important topic.

Domenic Antonucci

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