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Sales and Marketing Channels

Sales and Marketing Channels

How to Build and Manage Distribution Strategy

Julian Dent, Michael White

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Utilize a complete economic framework for taking products and services to market with this updated and multi-sector approach to distribution strategy.

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About the book

Unprecedented upheavals in routes-to-market are challenging businesses of all types. Products are becoming services, online and offline channels are integrating, and new distribution channels are dictating terms to producers. The third edition of Distribution Channels re-positions itself as Sales and Marketing Channels, placing market access at the heart of business and marketing strategy. This global bestseller delivers a rational economic framework to analyze, plan and manage profitable channels to market. It addresses emerging business models and buying behaviours with practical steps, ensuring maximum leverage of channel partners at every stage of the go-to-market process.

Sales and Marketing Channels, a fully-revised third edition, takes a multi-sector approach with an entire new series of specialist sections for application to any business. This efficient structure extracts tangible commercial value from partner relationships, integrating innovative case studies like AirBNB, the largest seller of rooms without ownership of any; Transferwise, the peer-to-peer Forex; plus the rise of online retailers like Amazon and ASOS versus the decline of traditional stores like Macy's or BHS. Updates include the impact of cloud technology, advancing consumer channels, monetizing the distribution of intellectual property and the evolving 'gig economy', led by Uber and Deliveroo. Often referred to as the "Place" P in the marketing mix, this book and its host of downloadable resources are an essential toolkit for strategizing new and existing routes to market.

Table Of Contents

  • Section - ONE: Introduction;
    • Chapter - 01: How to Get the Best out of this Book;
    • Chapter - 02: The Business of Getting Products and Services to Market;
    • Chapter - 03: Major Trends and Developments in Market Access;
  • Section - TWO: Distributors, Wholesalers and Intermediaries;
    • Chapter - 04: The Role of the Distributor for Sales and Marketing Channels;
    • Chapter - 05: How the Distributor Business Model Works;
    • Chapter - 06: Managing Distributors – Margins and Profitability;
    • Chapter - 07: Managing Distributors – Working Capital;
    • Chapter - 08: Managing Distributors – Productivity;
    • Chapter - 09: Managing Distributors – Sustainability;
    • Chapter - 10: Managing Distributors – Growth;
    • Chapter - 11: Understanding the Distribution Landscape;
    • Chapter - 12: How to Get the Best from Distribution Strategy;
  • Section - THREE: Managing Final Tier Sales and Marketing Channels;
    • Chapter - 13: The Roles of the Final Tier Channel Players;
    • Chapter - 14: How the Business Model Works for Final Tier Channel Players;
    • Chapter - 15: Managing Final Tier Channel Players - Sales and Utilization;
    • Chapter - 16: Managing Final Tier Channel Players - Gross Margin and Recoverability;
    • Chapter - 17: Managing Final Tier Channel Players - Working Capital Management;
    • Chapter - 18: Managing Final Tier Channel Players - Value Creation and Growth;
    • Chapter - 19: How to Get the Best from Final Tier Trade Channel Players;
  • Section - FOUR: Managing Distribution in Individual Industry Sectors
    • Chapter - 20: Introduction to Managing Distribution in Individual Industry Sectors;
    • Chapter - 21: Insights from Managing Capital Goods Distribution;
    • Chapter - 22: Insights from Managing Consumer Goods Distribution;
    • Chapter - 23: Insights from Managing Services Distribution;
    • Chapter - 24: Insights from Managing Hotels, Restaurants, Catering and Travel Distribution;
    • Chapter - 25: Insights from Managing Intellectual Property Distribution;
    • Chapter - 26: Insights from Managing Franchised Distribution


This book is a true tour de force on all things marketing, distribution, franchising and more. Dent and White have given us a highly compelling and practical blueprint for success in times of great change and disruption. Their updated treatise gives us practical 21st-century strategic insights into sales and marketing channel and distribution management. Heed these authors' advice or risk irrelevance and peril for your business and brand.
Joe Tripodi, CMO, Subway, and former CMO, Coca-Cola, Allstate, MasterCard, Bank of New York and Seagram’s

With sales and marketing channels becoming ever more complex and challenging, the need for help constantly increases. This book hits the mark - I seriously suggest anyone involved in channels has this to hand. Dent and White stand head and shoulders above many others in demystifying the channel into understandable and executable components. Whether you are a channel novice or channel expert, this new edition is paramount for executives to account managers alike.
Jeremy Butt, SVP International, Mitel

This is the best book available for providing a deep understanding of channel business models and has helped us build more effective relationships with our channel partners.
Louis Gries, CEO, James Hardie Industries plc

This book is essential reading for any vendor working with indirect channels of distribution. The deep insights into channel business models it provides enable vendors to secure maximum value from both distributor and final-tier engagement.
Michael Urban, Corporate Vice President, Strategy, Transformation, Global Vendor Management, Tech Data Corporation


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Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749482145
  • Edition: 3
  • Published: 3rd April 2018
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x156
  • 384 pages

About the Author

Julian Dent is Chairman of VIA International, a specialist routes-to-market consultancy. He has more than 35 years of global experience in distribution, specializing in channel strategy and implementation at global, corporate and regional levels. His clients include Barclays, Esso, Hewlett-Packard, Hyatt, Microsoft, Philips, Subway and Xerox.

Michael White is EMEA General Manager of Quadmark, a global channels and sales enablement consultancy. He has been a worldwide routes-to-market specialist for 30 years across multiple industries, leading commercial consumer channel strategy from formulation through to execution. His clients include Apple, Caterpillar, Cisco, Electrolux, PayPal and Procter & Gamble.

Julian Dent

Michael White

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