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Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups

How to Succeed by Creating Your Own Business

Demystify the skills needed to launch a successful business, learn the processes used by winning entrepreneurs, read the stories of those people who created start-ups and ground-breaking pop-ups and realize why a business pivot can be a good thing.
EAN: 9780749497460
Edition: 1
Format: 214x134
256 pages

About the book

Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups is a must read for anyone with a business idea and the desire to be successful. It gives the reader the skills and knowledge to survive in today's innovation and entrepreneurial-focused world. This book is about starting a business. It's about putting your toe in the entrepreneurial water - perhaps through doing a short term business gig or a pop-up business - and then seeing what happens. It shows you how to listen to the customer and work out why failures may happen, and when they do, you'll learn how to deal with them and create a new business that is robust and ready to grow.

Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups shows you the best ways of starting, testing and growing a business. It shares the stories, experience and insights of those who've done it, and explains how to innovate, trial, refine and succeed. Even if your business idea struggles, you'll find out how to learn so much that you'll pivot your business, try again and then win big time. You'll learn from a range of organizations including abnormal beauty company Deciem, Leon fast-food, Triumph lingerie, New York fashion tech Nineteenth Amendment, Brew Dog beer, Cambridge Satchels, Allbirds, and the Cornish Seaweed Company.

About the authors

Richard Hall

Richard Hall studied at Balliol College, Oxford, and his early career was in learning and practising marketing with blue chip FMCG companies like Reckitt's and RHM Foods. A lengthy spell in advertising followed, with leading roles in French Gold and Abbott, FCO and Havas. In the latter part of his career he was asked to act as non-executive chairman in several marketing services companies and two charities, was a co-founder of a consultancy start-up and, finally, has written a raft of business books published in over 20 countries. He has also created a mentoring business.

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Rachel Bell

Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning PR star, non-executive consultant and visitor in entrepreneurship at London Business School.

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