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Stop, Ask, Explore

Learn to Navigate Change in Times of Uncertainty

Master 'what now?' moments and use life's inevitable interruptions and disruptions as an opportunity to reflect, reorient and grow in your professional life and beyond.
EAN: 9781398605602
Edition: 1
Format: 216x138
240 pages

About the book

Your business announced a major restructuring and your role is put at risk. You just graduated into a changing marketplace. You finally have the career you always wanted, but you wonder if there is more to life than what you've built. Interruptions and disruptions will block your path throughout your journey. You need to learn to navigate them.

This book offers readers a practical framework for navigating life's inevitable turning points, thresholds and transitions-at work at home and in between. Drawing upon more than a decade of research and work with established and emerging leaders across the globe, leadership consultant, Joan Ball invites emerging and established changemakers and their teams to reimagine their relationship with interruptions and disruptions-life's What Now? Moments. This book guides you on a quest to recognize the creative potential that exists in the times between what was, What Now? and what might be.

Stop, Ask, Explore is a lively and eye-opening book that introduces field-tested tools designed to allow you to more effectively engage interruptions and disruptions and develop the hopeful curiosity and experimental mindset needed to lead yourself and those around you in an era of unrelenting and exponential change. Discover how to learn, discern, choose and confirm the right way forward, rather than mindlessly 'pivoting' our 'bouncing back' without direction. They don't teach this in business school, yet navigating change successfully will be the difference between those who thrive or survive in the new world of work.

About the authors

Joan P. Ball is an associate professor of Marketing at St. John's University, a researcher and a leadership coach. Joan works with emerging and established leaders to help them navigate flux, build resilience and develop an experimental mindset when faced with tricky transitions. The founder of WOMBLab, she works with individuals, teams and organizations to develop new tools to help leader navigate uncertain transitions and teach others to do the same. She has worked with leaders from companies like Verizon Media, Capital One and Herman Miller. She is based in New York City, New York.