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Strategy Sprints

12 Ways to Accelerate Growth for an Agile Business

Learn how you can scale your business through 12 assignments that will make it leaner, more agile and more resilient.
EAN: 9781398603493
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
240 pages

About the book

You can grow your revenue and scale your business without sacrificing your whole personal life. It's all about working smarter, not longer. Strategy Sprints is the blueprint that you need to increase your effectiveness, grow your revenue and secure business resilience.

Using the "Sprints" method, agile expert Simon Severino shows you how to transform your business with 12 assignments or "sprints" that will make you more impactful as a business leader, grow your revenue and make your strategy execution rock. Through these tried and tested exercises, businesses blow the competition out of the water. Strategy Sprints will teach you to identify the bottlenecks that are weighing your business down, turn you and anyone in your team into a sales superstar and streamline processes so you spend time where it mattes. The outcomes you'll master include:
- developing a compelling vision
- mapping out where you can make the most money
- increasing your conversion rates to sales

With case studies from Slack, Amgen, Tesla and Waald as well as practical tools and templates, learn how Strategy Sprints can transform your business.

About the authors

Simon Severino is the CEO of Strategy Sprints, a leading Growth Advisory consultancy that specializes in agile. He is trusted by Google, Consilience Ventures and many others and works with them on running their companies more effectively which results in sales that soar. The host of the Strategy Sprints podcast, which has featured over 350 expert leaders including Rita McGrath, Nir Eyal, David Allen and Alex Osterwalder, he is also an experienced speaker and delivers keynotes on business strategy and growth. He is based in Vienna, Austria.