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Supply Chain 4.0

Improving supply chains with analytics and Industry 4.0 technologies

Learn from research into smart, integrated and sustainable logistics practices, with a focus on market requirements and cutting edge applications from innovators in the logistics industry.
EAN: 9781789660739
Edition: 1

About the book

Supply Chain 4.0 has introduced automation into logistics and supply chain processes, exploiting predictive analytics to better match supply with demand, optimizing operations and using the latest technologies for the last mile delivery such as drones and autonomous robots. Supply Chain 4.0 is an edited book which presents new methods, techniques, and information systems that support the coordination and optimization of logistics processes, reduction of operational costs as well as the emergence of entirely new services and business processes.

Supply Chain 4.0
includes the state-of-the-art research and key contributions from the emerging 'Supply Chain 4.0' domain. Researchers from academia and industry present their latest theoretical contributions and innovative ideas. This edited book considers the latest technologies and operational research methods available to support smart, integrated, and sustainable logistics practices focusing on automation, big data, Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and decision support systems for transportation and logistics. It also highlights market requirements and includes case studies of cutting edge applications from innovators in the logistics industry. Online supporting resources include powerpoints of lecture notes and research findings.

About the authors

Emel Aktas

Dr Emel Aktas is a Senior Lecturer in Cranfield School of Management at Cranfield University. She specializes in supply chain analytics, using mathematical modelling and decision analysis in transport, retail and manufacturing sectors.

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Michael Bourlakis

Professor Michael Bourlakis is the Head of the Logistics, Procurement & Supply Chain Management Group at Cranfield School of Management. He is a member of the European Technology Platform (Food for Life, European Commission).

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Ioannis Minis

Professor Ioannis Minis is a Professor in the Department of Financial and Management Engineering of the University of Aegean. He is also the chairman of the National Council for Supply Chain Growth and Competitiveness, an advisory body to the Greek government.

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Vasileios Zeimpekis

Dr. Vasileios Zeimpekis is a lecturer at the Hellenic Open University. He is a transportation expert in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and in the Hellenic Committee for Competitiveness and Development for Logistics. He is the Vice President of Operations at the board of directors of the Hellenic Logistics Association.

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