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Supply Chain Disruption

Aligning Business Strategy and Supply Chain Tactics

Create competitive advantage by successfully building technological disruption into your supply chains and implementing a new strategic roadmap.
EAN: 9780749484101
Edition: 1
Format: 233x158
272 pages

About the book

Disruptive technologies have the power to upend supply chains, adding uncertainty, cost, and complexity to any business. These technologies can also create competitive advantage, but only if organizations strategically build them into their supply chains.

Supply Chain Disruption, with a foreword by John Gattorna, provides the vital knowledge that supply chain managers need in order to implement disruptive technologies strategically. This essential book avoids a one-size-fits-all approach and encourages the reader to consider customer needs first before aligning appropriate technologies with each supply chain application.

Supply Chain Disruption focuses on information systems, analysing how companies currently integrate and implement potentially disruptive technologies into their supply chain roadmaps. It presents new ways of planning more effectively and efficiently through the use of new tools and techniques, creating improvements in agility, customer service and cost.

About the authors

Steve O'Sullivan is a supply chain and logistics specialist with extensive two-decade international experience in complex business-critical environments for firms across multiple industries, such as aviation and consumer electronics. As an academic scholar-practitioner, Steve consistently creates and implements superior process improvement solutions across the entire supply chain process, while supporting international management teams in meeting and exceeding established targets.

Steve has combined astute insight with extensive global experience to produce a most timely, erudite and well-crafted book, which is essential reading for supply chain professionals. He delves wide and deep, often into uncharted waters, and provides strong evidence to show how the roots of supply chain disruption can be identified, its impact ameliorated, and what tactics and strategy to employ.

Professor D John Mangan PhD, School of Engineering, Newcastle University, UK