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Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics

Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics

The Supply Chain Triangle Of Service, Cost And Cash

Bram DeSmet


Delve into the 'extended' supply chain, where the flow of goods, information and cash from the customer's customer to the suppliers' supplier is managed through inventory, KPIs and benchmarking.

Available to pre-order from 3rd February 2018
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About the book

Supply chain management is the management of a 'flow of goods' and an 'inverse flow' of 'information and cash'. As consumers buy more from the store, the information of the increased sales will travel upstream in the supply chain and trigger extra production. This extra production will flow downstream to the shops. Cash is being exchanged for the goods. Organizations deliver different types of 'service' to their customers, which come at a certain cost and require a given amount of inventory or, more generically, cash. Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics is a step-by-step guide to balancing this triangle of cost, cash and service, which is the essence of supply chain management.

Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics fully reflects the 'inventory' or 'working capital' angle. Bram DeSmet examines the optimisation of the supply chain and Return-on-Capital-Employed as well as KPI dashboarding, target setting and benchmarking. He includes case studies of supply chain transformation programmes employed in international companies, and worksheets covering basic financial concepts, such as cash flow and working capital, with example data sets as well as guidelines and exercises.

Table Of Contents

  • Section - 01: The Supply Chain Triangle of Service, Cost and Cash;
    • Chapter - 02: Strategy in the Supply Chain Triangle;
    • Chapter - 03: Financial Benchmarking in Two Dimensions;
    • Chapter - 04: Financial Target Setting in Two Dimensions;
    • Chapter - 05: The Impact of Strategy on Financial Benchmarking and Target Setting;
    • Chapter - 06: Redefining the Service Corner into a Value Corner;
    • Chapter - 07: Building a Strategy Driven KPI Dashboard;
    • Chapter - 08: Implementing a Strategy Driven Supply Chain;
    • Chapter - 09: Appendix – Financial Templates – Inventory Management;
    • Chapter - 10: Appendix – Financial Templates – The Cost of Inventory – Rent, Room, Risk

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749482572
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd May 2018
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x156
  • 288 pages

About the Author

Dr Bram DeSmet is the Managing Director of Solventure and a Partner at MÖBIUS Consulting, UK, where he helps global production and retail organizations in the domains of Strategy, Supply Chain and Operations. He is a Professor in Operations & Supply Chain Management at Vlerick Business School, Belgium.

Bram DeSmet