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Sustainable and Green Supply Chains and Logistics Case Study Collection

Learn from a rich and varied compilation of case studies which provide innovative solutions to achieving sustainable and green supply chains.
EAN: 9781789668216
Edition: 1
Format: 240x160
304 pages

About the book

Sustainability is an increasingly urgent and important factor in logistics and supply chain management, impacting the whole supply chain lifecycle from product design and development, to supplier management, packaging, transportation, warehousing and distribution.

The third volume of the Supply Chain Case Study Collection, the Sustainable and Green Supply Chains and Logistics Case Study Collection contains real-life scenarios from leading companies who are pursuing a sustainability agenda. Cases cover sustainability and 'green' practices in a range of different industries, from food through to manufacturing and construction, and in a variety of organization sizes. They are written by leading international academics and feature cutting-edge research from countries including India, Vietnam, Brazil, China and the UK.

By exploring examples of waste reduction, supplier management, the circular economy and cross-industry collaboration, the Case Study Collection focuses on how organizations are currently trying to meet sustainability goals and achieve success in greening supply chains.

About the authors

Dr Ozlem Bak is a Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at Brunel Business School, based in London, UK. Her academic activities are underpinned by industrial and commercial background which included experience in the automotive industry for companies such as Daimler, Chrysler and Hyundai. Her current research interests lie in supply chain management, particularly organisational transformation and e-business implementations in supply chains.