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Technology Distribution Channels

Technology Distribution Channels

Understanding and Managing Channels to Market

Julian Dent

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Optimise product delivery by examining the chain that makes a technology product available for market using real-life examples from global tech corporations.

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About the book

Using numerous real-life examples from global technology corporations, and with a foreword from Tim Curran the Chief Executive Officer of the Global Technology Distribution Council, Technology Distribution Channels explores the chain that makes technology products and services available for market and explains how to make the most of each step of the process. By defining the role and significance of the various partners involved, including distributors, wholesalers and final-tier channel players, it provides a clear understanding of the entire go-to-market process, whilst also explaining channel partners' business models and how to engage with them for effective market access.

Technology Distribution Channels covers both the tactical and strategic dimensions of channel economics as well as containing information on accessing and servicing markets and customers, controlling brands, integrating web and online channels, building the value proposition and creating differentiation.

As the only approved text book for the Global Technology Distribution Council's Accreditations, Technology Distribution Channels contains expert guidance for both the Certificate and the Diploma programs.

Comprehensive and clear, Technology Distribution Channels provides readers with the knowledge needed to improve their business model to ensure maximum market exposure and successful product delivery.

Table Of Contents

  • Section - ONE: Introduction;
    • Chapter - 01: How to get the best out of this book;
    • Chapter - 02: The business of getting technology products and services to market;
  • Section - TWO: Distributors and wholesalers;
    • Chapter - 03: The role of the technology distributor;
    • Chapter - 04: How the technology distributor business model works;
    • Chapter - 05: Margins and profitability;
    • Chapter - 06: Working capital;
    • Chapter - 07: Productivity;
    • Chapter - 08: Sustainability;
    • Chapter - 09: Managing growth;
    • Chapter - 10: The technology distribution landscape;
    • Chapter - 11: How technology vendors can get the best from distribution;
  • Section - THREE: Final-tier trade channel players;
    • Chapter - 12: The roles of the final-tier trade channel players;
    • Chapter - 13: How the business model of the final-tier trade channel players works;
    • Chapter - 14: Sales and utilization;
    • Chapter - 15: Gross margin and recoverability;
    • Chapter - 16: Working capital management;
    • Chapter - 17: Value creation and growth;
    • Chapter - 18: How to sell to final-tier trade channel players;
  • Section - FOUR: Retailers;
    • Chapter - 19: The role of retailers;
    • Chapter - 20: How the retail business model works;
    • Chapter - 21: The measures that matter and how to manage with them;
    • Chapter - 22: How to sell to retailers


Anyone who thinks distribution is easy should read this book, and keep it by their bed. With a thorough experience of monitoring and advising on the business, channel consultancy VIA's chairman Julian Dent has written what is actually a manual on how the business works. He is also able to point out how it differs from other apparently similar models, and where the special nature of technology product supply kicks in.
IT Europa

Recommended by the Global Technology Distribution Council as the reference book for anyone taking either the GTDC Certificate or GTDC Diploma accreditations.
Tim Curran, CEO, Global Technology Distribution Council

As a distributor, we use this book to educate all our product and sales managers as to how their performance affects our business model. It also shows our salespeople how they should engage with the final tier to make a compelling case for doing business with us.
Anton Herbst, CEO, MB Technologies

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749472177
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd August 2014
  • Paperback
  • Format: 235x155
  • 352 pages

About the Author

Julian Dent is Chairman of VIA International, a specialist routes-to- market consultancy. He has over 25 years' experience in distribution throughout the world, specializing in channel strategy and implementation, working at global, corporate and regional levels. His clients have included Barclays Bank, BP, Esso, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Orange, Subway and Xerox.

Julian Dent

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