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The Buyer's Toolkit

An Easy-to-Use Approach for Effective Buying

Get a toolkit for buying and distilling all the best practice tools for professional buying and negotiating with this simple, jargon-free framework.
EAN: 9780749479817
Edition: 1
Format: 235x155
288 pages

About the book

In order to buy well it is important to understand a few basic principles and apply a series of tools and approaches in given situations. The Buyer's Toolkit distills all the best practice tools for professional buying and negotiating into a simple, jargon-free framework that can be picked up and applied by anyone who buys. The book seeks to transform how individuals view and practise buying so they know when to influence a situation and what to do to buy well.

The Buyer's Toolkit has a simple chapter layout, contains graphics and models, and a simple flow of tools through the book with an overarching framework, that glues them together. Covering different buying scenarios, understanding and defining the requirements, choosing the right deal and supplier, negotiation, managing the contract and the suppliers, fixing problems and sustainable buying, this comprehensive guide will help you boost your advantage as a buyer.

About the authors

Jonathan O'Brien

Jonathan O'Brien is the CEO of Positive Purchasing Ltd, the international procurement and negotiation consultancy and training provider. With over 30 years of experience working in purchasing, he has worked all over the world to help global organizations increase their negotiation and purchasing capability through training, education and working directly with practitioners and executive teams to drive in the adoption of negotiation and other strategic purchasing methodologies. He is also author of Supplier Relationship Management, now in its second edition, The Buyer's Toolkit and Category Management in Purchasing, now in its fourth edition, all published by Kogan Page.

More about Jonathan O'Brien

Packed with clear explanation, useful tools and vital insight, O'Brien's book is essential reading for everyone who buys from or deals with suppliers. That includes both procurement professionals and those working in other roles who hold relevant responsibilities - if they follow the advice here, they can all add value to their organizations through better buying.

Peter Smith, Managing Editor, Spend Matters Europe