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The Complete Guide to Property Development for the Small Investor

The Complete Guide to Property Development for the Small Investor

How to Identify the Best Opportunities in a Volatile Property Market

Catherine Dawson

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The Complete Guide to Property Development for the Small Investor provides detailed information on identifying the best investment properties, dealing with contractors and letting a property - as well as new information on finding the best financing deals, and spotting potential bargains, in a volatile property market.

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About the book

The Complete Guide to Property Development for the Small Investor covers every stage of property development. Including both practical 'how-to' advice and important guidance on making a profit from property, this new edition constitutes an essential handbook that is both comprehensive and user-friendly. Containing practical checklists and extensive details on useful addresses and websites, the book also provides updates on essential legislative changes that will have an impact on both new and experienced developers.

This fully revised and updated third edition includes vital new information on: changes to tax/VAT incentives; the impact of the credit crunch on the UK property market (and the potential opportunities if offers); the rise and fall (and potential rise again) of the buy-to-let market; and the latest rules and regulations affecting both landlords and tenants.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 16: Managing your project;
    • Chapter - 17: Working with subcontractors and builders;
    • Chapter - 18: Doing the work yourself;
    • Chapter - 19: Sourcing materials;
  • Section - SIX: Presentation;
    • Chapter - 20: Presenting your property to let;
    • Chapter - 21: Presenting your property for sale;
    • Chapter - 22: Marketing and advertising your property;
  • Section - SEVEN: Preservation;
    • Chapter - 23: Choosing tenants;
    • Chapter - 24: Keeping tenants happy;
    • Chapter - 25: Maintaining your property
    • Chapter - 15: Developing and managing your budget;
  • Section - FIVE: Perspiration;
    • Chapter - 14: Overcoming problems and avoiding disputes;
    • Chapter - 13: Obtaining Building Regulations approval;
    • Chapter - 12: Obtaining planning permission;
  • Section - FOUR: Permission;
    • Chapter - 11: Buying a property;
    • Chapter - 10: Researching the neighbourhood;
    • Chapter - 09: Viewing a property;
  • Section - THREE: Procurement;
    • Chapter - 08: Recognizing potential for development;
    • Chapter - 07: Recognizing potential locations;
    • Chapter - 06: Doing your research;
  • Section - TWO: Progression;
    • Chapter - 05: Establishing your business;
    • Chapter - 04: Sorting out your finances;
    • Chapter - 03: Preparing yourself and your family;
    • Chapter - 02: Making decisions;
    • Chapter - 01: Knowing how to invest successfully;
  • Section - ONE: Preparation;
    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;


This user-friendly new book covers every stage of property development
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Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749454517
  • Edition: 3
  • Published: 3rd February 2009
  • Paperback
  • Format: 216x138
  • 288 pages

About the Author

Dr. Catherine Dawson is a shareholder of Dawson Properties Limited, a successful property development company. She is an experienced social researcher who specializes in the trends and prospects of the private rental sector.

Catherine Dawson

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