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The Human Workplace

People-Centred Organizational Development

Gain competitive advantage by taking a people-focused approach to organization development.
EAN: 9780749481223
Edition: 1
Format: 235x156
232 pages

About the book

Companies spend time and effort developing their employees - their most important asset - but they often forget to consider the company structure, culture, environment and processes required to help the newly upskilled individuals thrive. The Human Workplace is a practical guide which shows how this can be achieved by taking a truly people-centric approach to organizational development.

Exploring how people-centred organizations behave and evolve, the book covers how to use design thinking to create optimal organizational structures, how to make a business a community, how to use communication to inform and empower people and how to use technology to allow employees to work more efficiently.

Packed with interviews and case studies from Microsoft, Schneider Electric, CGI, Universal, Lego, SAP, BBC Worldwide and other global companies that have benefited from a people-centred approach, The Human Workplace redefines our view of the organization, its relationship with people and how we interact with it. It is an essential guide for all HR and OD professionals seeking to get the right people in the right places doing the right things at the right time.

About the authors

Andy Swann

Andy Swann leads the development and delivery of people-focused transition management for organisations undergoing change at BDG Architecture + Design in the UK. He also is the founder of Simple Better Human, a creative organization development consultancy which specialises in allowing employees to thrive so that organizations can, too. He runs the All About People conference and speaks around the world on the benefits or taking a more human approach to organisational development.

More about Andy Swann

The principles set out in The Human Workplace are helpful for any company that emphasizes purpose and identity, connection with the company, each other and the community, as well as co-creation and two-way dialogue with employees. This is a helpful guide on how to grow by design.

Mark Levy, Airbnb's first Head of Employee Experience