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The John Adair Lexicon of Leadership

The Definitive Guide to Leadership Skills and Knowledge

John Adair's Leadership Lexicon is an all-in-one volume of his ground breaking and influential works on leadership. Including the international best-seller Leadership of Muhammad, it explores the nature of motivation, strategy and the skills needed to become a leader.
EAN: 9780749463069
Edition: 1
Format: 246x180
512 pages

About the book

From the world renowned leadership expert John Adair, comes this unique volume of all his classic works, including How to Grow Leaders, The Inspirational Leader, Leadership and Motivation, Not Bosses but Leaders, Strategic Leadership and the international best-seller Leadership of Muhammad.

With his distinctive insight into how leadership is learned, John Adair presents six business books that cross boundaries into culture, history, strategy and motivation. Leadership Lexicon is an essential volume and an exclusive opportunity to own all of Adair's ground-breaking works that will help you transform your understanding of how leadership works and learn the skills to transform you into a leader.

About the authors

John Adair

John Adair is acknowledged internationally as an authority on leadership. The world's first Professor of Leadership Studies, he advises many organisations in business, government, education, health and the voluntary sector. An effective speaker with a valuable message, he is one of the very few figures in recent years to have transformed the debate as to what effective leadership is all about.John Adair has recently been made United Nations Chair of Strategic Leadership. Based in Turin, he has launched a strategic leadership programme in association with the UN. He has also received the Lifetime Achievement in Leadership Award and China has made him its first Honorary Professor of Leadership. The author of over 50 books, now in 25 languages, on leadership and management development, he continues to write and teach throughout the world, inspiring new audiences with his timeless and timely vision of leadership.

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A wholly comprehensive and practical guide on how to develop leadership and management skills

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