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The Logistics and Supply Chain Innovation Handbook

Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models

Examines all the processes of technological disruption affecting the logistics and supply chain industry and provides step-by-step guidance to successfully adapting business plans and strategies.
EAN: 9780749486334
Edition: 1
Format: 232x150
280 pages

About the book

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is now transforming logistics and supply chain industries. Consumer habits are changing fast and supply chains are having to adapt to meet the challenges created by this dynamic new environment. Traditional logistics operating models are under threat.

Incumbent freight operators across the entire transport and warehousing spectrum have been forced to develop strategies to effectively compete with new start-ups. The Logistics and Supply Chain Innovation Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of all the major new technologies and business models currently under development and looks at this process of disruption in detail.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Innovation Handbook covers many important topics, such as crowd sourcing and shipping, on-demand delivery, autonomous vehicles, automation in the warehouse, electric vehicles and alternative fuels. It provides readers with a straightforward and easy to understand assessment of these innovations and their impact on the industry. Online supporting resources include PowerPoints and sample case studies.

About the authors

John Manners-Bell is the CEO of Ti (Transport Intelligence), a leading supplier of market research solutions to the global logistics industry. He is also Visiting Professor at the Guildhall School of Business and Law, London Metropolitan University.

Ken Lyon specializes in the use of advanced information systems to manage the operations of 3PL, 4PL and lead logistics providers and their trading partner networks. He is the Chair of an international logistics software group and sits on the board of Ti

During this period of acute innovation and disruption, understanding the logistics and supply chain market landscape is more crucial than ever for investors. Manners-Bell and Lyon provide insight into how to spot the type of companies and innovations that have the best chance of succeeding, and some of the pitfalls which new businesses must avoid.

Alexsander M Stewart, former Managing Director and Head of Global Transportation and Logistics Investment Banking, Stifel