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The Organizational Resilience Handbook

A Practical Guide to Achieving Greater Resilience

Assess your organization's level of resilience and develop new methods to improve with this practical guide.
EAN: 9781789661842
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
272 pages

About the book

It is becoming increasingly apparent that for businesses to thrive their approach to resilience must include a holistic and market-focused outlook as well as traditional event-orientated continuity practices. The Organizational Resilience Handbook shows that OR is as much to do with the management of gradual change within a commercial context as it is with organizations having to deal with unexpected crisis situations. Using an adaptable tool for the development and assessment of organizational resilience in any industry, this book comprehensively covers the full breadth and depth of the field as well as related topics from security and safety to e-commerce and customer experience.

Through self-assessment and application of the book's methodology, practitioners can develop an in-depth understanding of resilience within their own organization and effectively engage with senior management in developing strategies for achieving greater resilience. A range of high-profile case studies, such as House of Fraser, Mercedes, the WannaCry ransomware attack, Alibaba and BP, allow reflection on management's responses and emphasize the need for robust assurance and the measurement of resilience. The Organizational Resilience Handbook is a practical guide to benchmarking performance and implementing resilience frameworks in any organization.

About the authors

Graham Bell

Graham Bell is a consultant and trainer with over 25 years' international experience in organizational resilience and the assessment and mitigation of safety, security and business continuity risk. He recently created a new Level 5 training course on organizational resilience and is on the management committee of the newly established Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM).

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