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The Power of Project Leadership

7 Keys to Help You Transform from Project Manager to Project Leader

Go from project manager to project leader by learning how to innovate, develop a team's potential and deliver successful projects.
EAN: 9780749493240
Edition: 2
Format: 234x156
328 pages

About the book

As projects and work environments become increasingly complex the traditional elements of project management such as cost, schedule and performance are no longer enough. In order to adapt to this complexity and find new opportunities to innovate, project managers must shift their mindset to one of project leadership. The Power of Project Leadership explains how to generate positive results for projects and clients while growing as a leader and being recognised in the process.

Now in its second edition, The Power of Project Leadership contains new interviews with successful project leaders and discusses current topics such as overcoming dysfunctional team behaviour, coaching, facilitation and conflict resolution, and collaborative planning and risk management. It outlines the capabilities, attitudes and behaviours needed to become a confident, driven and focused project leader, including leading with vision, continuously improving, empowering teams, getting closer to stakeholders, and establishing a solid project foundation. With examples of the most fundamental causes of project failure and how to avoid them, The Power of Project Leadership shows how to inspire teams, add real value and deliver outstanding projects. Accompanying online resources for this book include leadership style and personality type self-assessments and author videos introducing each 'key' of project leadership.

About the authors

Susanne Madsen

Susanne Madsen is a recognised project leadership expert and one of the world's leading project management coaches. With over fifteen years experience of managing and implementing large change programmes of up to $30 million for major corporations worldwide, she is a regular speaker for organisations including Citigroup, Alcatel Lucent, Expedia and APM among others.

More about Susanne Madsen

In this great and inspiring book, Susanne has gathered the core elements and key insights to bring you the essence of project leadership. It contains coaching questions that challenge you to think about yourself, assess your situation and commit to becoming the leader you wish to be. This book should be your personal development tool for this year!

Birger Kontek, Senior Change Manager and Vice President Barclaycard Germany (about previous edition)