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The Professional LGV Driver's Handbook

The Professional LGV Driver's Handbook

A Complete Guide to the Driver CPC

David Lowe

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Up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes, The Professional LGV Driver's Handbook is the only training manual that covers the LGV theory test, the practical driving test and the EU Driver CPC requirements on compulsory training.

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About the book

From 2009 all LGV drivers will need to acquire the new EU driver CPC in addition to a LGV driver licence.This book is the ultimate LGV training manual for any professional driver or transport manager, as it covers all areas a driver will need to know and understand in order to gain the licences necessary to drive a LGV vehicle.

Not only does the book deliver the essential information to ensure drivers gain these licences, but it also provides a complete guide to driving safely, professionally and legally. Including information on; driving skills, health and safety, law, how to deal with paperwork, use of tachographs and driving abroad. The Professional LGV Driver's Handbook is the ultimate resource for anyone training to drive a LGV vehicle, as well as being an indispensible reference for experienced drivers and managers.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 04.2: Goods vehicle lighting and marking;
    • Chapter - 04.3: Vehicle checks and defect reporting;
    • Chapter - 04.4: Legal requirements for special loads;
    • Chapter - 04.5: Security of vehicles and loads;
  • Section - FIVE: Health and safety;
    • Chapter - 05.1: Driver health and safety;
    • Chapter - 05.2: The safety of vehicles and loads;
    • Chapter - 05.3: Stowaways and smuggling;
    • Chapter - 05.4: Driver health and lifestyle;
  • Section - SIX: Transport operations, service and logistics;
    • Chapter - 06.1: The road haulage economic environment;
    • Chapter - 06.2: The road haulage business environment;
    • Chapter - 06.3: The road haulage market and image;
    • Chapter - 06.4: Principles of logistics and the supply chain;
    • Chapter - 06.5: Training for transport;
    • Chapter - 04.1: Construction and use of vehicles;
  • Section - FOUR: Heavy vehicles and the law;
    • Chapter - 03.9: Enforcement authority powers and prohibitions;
    • Chapter - 03.8: Driving on drink and drugs;
    • Chapter - 03.7: Road traffic offences and penalties;
    • Chapter - 03.6: Road traffic law;
    • Chapter - 03.5: Driver licensing and testing;
    • Chapter - 03.4: Tachograph fitment and use;
    • Chapter - 03.3: Drivers’ hours, working time and pay;
    • Chapter - 03.2: Goods vehicle weights and dimensions;
    • Chapter - 03.1: Regulations governing transport;
  • Section - THREE: Transport regulations, offences and enforcement;
    • Chapter - 02.7: Driving abroad;
    • Chapter - 02.6: Professional driving – respect for other road users and the environment;
    • Chapter - 02.5: Safe driving;
    • Chapter - 02.4: Road traffic accidents and emergencies;
    • Chapter - 02.3: Vehicle suspensions and trailer couplings;
    • Chapter - 02.2: Vehicle braking and speed controls;
    • Chapter - 02.1: Technical characteristics of heavy vehicles;
  • Section - TWO: Vehicle characteristics and heavy vehicle driving skills;
    • Chapter - 01.2: The EU training syllabus;
    • Chapter - 01.1: EU CPC requirements for LGV drivers;
  • Section - ONE: EU Driver CPC requirements and EU training syllabus;
    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
    • Chapter - 06.6: Mobile communications and ITS

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749451189
  • Edition: 2
  • Published: 3rd November 2008
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x156
  • 288 pages

About the Author

David Lowe has been actively involved with the road transport industry for over 45 years. He is author of a number of titles on the subject of transport, including The Transport Manager's and Operator's Handbook (also published by Kogan Page, and now in its 37th edition), and is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Logistics and Transport.

David Lowe