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The Reconnected Leader

An Executive’s Guide to Creating Responsible, Purposeful and Valuable Organizations

Implement new leadership and working practices to rebuild trust with an eight-step model to creating responsible and purposeful organisations.
EAN: 9780749472320
Edition: 1
Format: 234x157
312 pages

About the book

The global financial crisis, a scandal-ridden business world and a deeply unstable business environment: all of it means that trust in businesses, and business leaders, is at an all-time low. At the same time, global supply chains in major corporations have become more complex and exposed to risks, as organizations have sought to make use of cheaper production opportunities in poorer countries, leaving their global brands exposed to uncertain practices around the world; we are in need of a new kind of leadership.

There is a growing disconnect between the way large corporations would like to see the world and what is happening in reality, and the problem lies at least partly in the way that these organizations are being led. The Reconnected Leader evaluates the current situation and sets out an eight-step model to implementing new leadership practices that help managers reconnect with their teams and reset the relationship the business has with all its stakeholders. It is up to leaders to set long-term goals that, if achieved, will create lasting value for businesses and for the communities they serve.

Drawing on case studies from international organizations and a sound theoretical underpinning, thought leader Norman Pickavance argues that the solution lies with leaders. The Reconnected Leader invites readers on a journey to rediscover the true purpose of their business and find more innovative leadership solutions that integrate the challenge of long-term societal needs and short-term financial results.

About the authors

Norman Pickavance

Norman Pickavance is a thought leader, experienced board operator and adviser, and social business commentator. He has held numerous high level and Director roles in international organisations including Fujitsu, Morrisons, Marconi plc and Diageo and has significant experience in delivering large scale business turnarounds and advising businesses, government departments and not-for-profit organisations on people strategy, culture, talent & leadership. Identified as one of the most influential HR Directors in Europe, he is currently Non Executive Director for HMRC and an Advisor to The BluePrint for Better Business.

More about Norman Pickavance

Pickavance tackles the growing 'disconnection' between business leaders and the wider world in which they operate. And the man behind the Labour party's report into zero-hours contracts doesn't pull any punches, touching on the growing gulf between boards and stakeholders, executive pay, ungovernably large supply chains and the two-tier UK labour's certainly a galvanizing read. Pickavance writes with passion and his business background gives him credibility. It should be required reading for leaders.

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