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The Simplicity Principle

Six Ways to Find Your Focus and Improve Productivity

Learn how to develop a clear and calm way to be more creative, gain greater focus and reclaim productivity.
Available to pre-order from 3rd January 2020
EAN: 9781789663556
Edition: 1
Format: 216x138
288 pages

About the book

Modern life is complicated. Much more complicated than it used to be. Smartphone users experience concentration interruptions every 12 minutes of their waking day, by 2020 fifty percent of the workforce will be freelance, 250 billion emails are sent every 24 hours, supercomputing capacity is measured in quadrillions per second and each of us needs to plan for the 100 year lifespan.

The Simplicity Principle helps streamline complexities and cut through the layers to find a new way of how to work and live. Using the six hexagon principles of simplicity, individuality, knowledge, networks, time and rest, author and entrepreneur Julia Hobsbawm shows you how to be more creative, gain greater focus and reclaim productivity.

Whether you are managing multiple teams in a multinational business, getting your freelance career off the ground or trying to gain control of a life which has become overgrown and tangled, The Simplicity Principle provides smart solutions to help you cope with overload and inefficiency.

About the authors

Julia Hobsbawm

Julia Hobsbawm is Honorary Visiting Professor at Cass Business School, London, Editor at Large of Arianna Huffington's portal Thrive Global and columnist for PWC's Strategy + Business magazine.

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