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To the Moon

The Meteoric Rise of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs and Where They’re Going Next

Discover the new tech order and explore everything you need to know about crypto, bitcoin and blockchain, how they started and where they're going next.
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EAN: 9781398610354
Edition: 1
Format: 198x129
288 pages

About the book

It all started with a paper and an anonymous author.

Crypto-language has become an everyday talking point for millions, and crypto-finance is central to global money. But the rise of bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi and crypto have remained sudden and mysterious.

To The Moon is the only initiation you'll need into the world of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, NFTs and the people behind their dramatic rise. Taking you on a journey which visits cypherpunks, investigates whether Satoshi actually matters, introduces sea-steading and crypto libertarians, explains how to hack the unhackable, analyses blockchain versus big government and why you need to 'hold on for dear life!', you'll hear the true stories behind this precipitous world.

There's no hype. There's no technical jargon. Just a compelling saga of crypto.

About the authors

Erica Stanford, based in London, UK is the author of Crypto Wars published by Kogan Page. She is the founder and CEO of the UK's most recommended crypto networking and events organization, Crypto Curry Club. She publishes the weekly Crypto Currier industry newsletter as well as Blockchain Industry Review. She is the guest associate lecturer in cryptocurrency at Warwick Business School.

Anthony Day has had a 20 year career supporting the world's largest corporations and governments to engage with innovative technologies. He was COO of Deloitte's EMEA Blockchain team for over three years and was awarded LinkedIn Top Voice for Technology & Innovation in 2021 and founded the Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast - ranked as one of the Top 10 'enterprise' podcasts. He is based in Dublin, Ireland.