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Understanding Organisation Development

Understanding Organisation Development

Paul Tosey


Develop a thorough grounding in the concept, development and varying models of Organisation Development.

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About the book

Understanding Organisation Development is essential reading for students studying Organisation Development (OD) as part of a wider HR degree or professional qualification, is the core textbook for the CIPD level 5 Unit 5UOD, and is ideal for professionals looking for a solid theoretical grounding that they can apply in practice. With a clear and accessible format, it will enable readers to understand and analyse the concept of Organisation Development (OD) and its relationship with learning and development (L&D), and develop their understanding of the evolution of OD in contemporary organisations and its role in contributing to major organisational change.

Working step-by-step through the broad framework of OD, Understanding Organisation Development takes the reader through its concept and purposes, historical development, the relationship between OD and HRM, the different models of OD and the common processes involved. This essential text will give you a thorough understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to function effectively in an OD practitioner role.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 01: Understanding Organisation Development;
      • - - 1.1: Purpose and Aim of Unit;
      • - - 1.2: This Unit is Suitable for Persons Who;
      • - - 1.3: Learning Outcomes;
    • Chapter - 02: Guided Learning Hours;
      • - - 2.1: The Concept and Key Purposes of Organisation Development;
      • - - 2.2: The Concept of Organisation Development (OD);
      • - - 2.3: The Historical Development of OD;
      • - - 2.4: The Relationship and Connections of OD to HRD and to HRM;
    • Chapter - 03: Organisation Development Models, Tools and Techniques;
      • - - 3.1: Models of OD;
      • - - 3.2: OD Tools and Techniques;
      • - - 3.3: Critiques of OD & Change Management;
    • Chapter - 04: The Organisation Development Practitioner - Roles, Styles, Processes and Skills;
      • - - 4.1: Roles and Styles;
      • - - 4.2: Processes;
      • - - 4.3: Skills and Qualities;
      • - - 4.4: Ethics and OD;
      • - - 4.5: Summary

Book Details

About the Author

Dr Paul Tosey is an independent consultant. Formerly a Senior Lecturer in Management in the Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, his career experience includes internal and external consultancy and coaching. He has taught Organisation Development on MSc and MBA programmes and served as external examiner to several of the UK’s leading Masters programmes in this field. His research interests include organisational learning, human resource development and Clean Language, an innovative coaching practice that is based on metaphor, on which he has published widely. He is co-editor of the Handbook of Research Methods on HRD (Edward Elgar 2015).

Paul Tosey