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Value-Driven Data

Identifying, Communicating and Delivering Effective Business Solutions with Data

Translate data into value for your business with this strategic guide to identifying, communicating and developing data solutions and opportunities.
EAN: 9781398608627
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
240 pages

About the book

Value-Driven Data explains how data leaders and managers can develop data-driven opportunities and solutions for their organizations.

By focusing on the value of data, Value-Driven Data explores how organizations can understand their business problems and come up with better solutions, aligning data storytelling with business needs. The book reviews the main challenges that plague most data-to-business interactions and offers actionable strategies for effective data value implementation, including methods for incentivising change.

Value-Driven Data is supported by tried-and-tested frameworks that can be applied to different contexts and organizations. It features cutting-edge examples relating to digital transformation, data strategy, resolving conflicts of interests, building a data P&L and AI-driven value predictor methodology. The book recognizes different types of data value, ranging from data-based digital transformation to increased monetization, diversity and inclusion, and CSR goals. It explores conundrums such as data for commerce versus data for compassion and data profits versus data privacy. This will be essential reading for data specialists and leaders involved in capturing and executing data value opportunities for organizations and informing data-driven strategy.

About the authors

Edosa Odaro is an AI and data transformation leader who has helped over 35 international organizations deliver significant impact through data analytics, transformation strategy and intelligent interventions. Based in London, UK, he is Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Tawuniya and is on the board for the UK's National Institute for Health Data Science (HDR UK). Odaro has been named a Financial Times Top 100 Most Influential Leader and one of the UK's 30 Most Influential Black Leaders in FinTech.