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What is a 21st Century Brand?

What is a 21st Century Brand?

New Thinking from the Next Generation of Agency Leaders

Nick Kendall

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Think more broadly about brands and better serve your clients with a selection of essays from some of the best and brightest in the industry.

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About the book

What is a 21st century brand? How is it changing? What is critical now? What are the new mantras and principles? What are the new ideas for how to do it? What do you believe and what would you do therefore?

What Is a 21st Century Brand? features 20 of the best papers produced during the 10 years of The IPA Excellence Diploma. Each is a fresh, original and uniquely personal perspective from the new generation of leaders across creative, media and digital agencies. Produced in partnership with internationally recognized advertising body, the IPA, the book is accompanied by commentary from leading industry thinkers including Stephen Woodford, Mark Earls, David Wilding and Ian Priest, and is edited by Nick Kendall. Together they offer multiple perspectives and the opportunity to challenge yourself to consider what you really believe about advertising and branding.

Structured as 20 provocations written in the form of 'I believe... and therefore...', the essays are organized into three sections:
- What is a brand?
- How should we engage to build them?
- How should we organise to deliver?

Highlighting that today's most successful agencies are those which are embracing the new ways to consume content, What is a 21st Century Brand? delivers cutting-edge thinking across all areas of advertising practice, questioning the real fundamentals of creating and building brands. It is a thought-provoking read for any advertising practitioner or student.

Table Of Contents

  • Section - 00: Introduction: How to read this book and some observations – Nick Kendall;
  • Section - ONE: What is a brand?;
    • Chapter - 01: I believe brand is a word that has outlived its usefulness – Nick Docherty;
    • Chapter - 02: I believe in the Darwinian evolution of brands – Ian Edwards;
    • Chapter - 03: We believe the people should control the means of branding – David Bonney;
    • Chapter - 04: I believe in gaming your brand – Tim Jones;
    • Chapter - 05: I believe in a brand new religion – Graeme Douglas;
    • Chapter - 06: I believe communities are the future of brand communications – John V Willshire;
    • Chapter - 07: I believe brands should go supergnova – James Borrodell Brown;
  • Section - TWO: What is a brand idea?;
    • Chapter - 08: I believe the children are our future – Faris Yakob;
    • Chapter - 09: I believe in the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy – David Young;
    • Chapter - 10: I believe in the age of osmosis – Alex Dunsdon;
    • Chapter - 11: I believe it’s what brands don’t say that matters – Pete Buckley;
    • Chapter - 12: I believe brands must be superhuman – Emily Fairhead-Keen;
    • Chapter - 13: I believe that brands should embrace the dark side – Simon Robertson;
    • Chapter - 14: Hey, what’s the long idea? I believe it’s time the big idea had a counterpart – Sarah Morning;
  • Section - THREE: How should we organize to deliver?;
    • Chapter - 15: I believe that the future of brands depends on confronting complexity – Gethin James;
    • Chapter - 16: Data is our future: Welcome to the age of infomagination – Matt Sadler;
    • Chapter - 17: I believe brands need to adopt an outside-in brand management approach – Sam D’Amato;
    • Chapter - 18: I believe we must manage brand ideas from the bottom up – Tom Roach;
    • Chapter - 19: I believe it’s time for a new system for leading beliefs – Ross Farquhar;
    • Chapter - 20: I believe brands must shift from vanity to value – Matthew Philip

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749472627
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd April 2015
  • Hardback
  • Format: 240x162
  • 432 pages

About the Author

Nick Kendall is an award-winning brand and advertising specialist with over 25 years' experience. He has worked on famous global accounts such as Johnnie Walker and Unilever's 'Dirt is Good' laundry brand, and is a founding partner of Bro-Ken and member of The Garage, helping start-ups build brands. He designed and created the IPA Excellence Diploma, which is described as 'the MBA of brands' for the advertising industry, and received the IPA President's Medal for his services to the industry.

Nick Kendall

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