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A Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing

Moving Your Business into the Cloud

A Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing aims to help a non-technical audience grasp the concept of cloud computing, analyse its benefits and pitfalls, choose the right technology and supplier and move into the cloud.
EAN: 9780749461300
Edition: 1
Format: 198 x 129
152 pages

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About the book

Cloud computing has caused a marketing fog, confusing business executives seeking to understand the technology's potential applications and business benefits. A Quick-Start Guide to Cloud Computing cuts through the industry hype and provides non-technical explanations about what it is and how it can improve your business.

With case studies from large and small business, it shows how enabling a remote workforce and sharing resources can reduce your organisation's carbon footprint. It describes: the benefits of cloud computing; how to choose the right supplier and technologies for your particular business; key security issues and the perils and pitfalls to avoid.

This Quick Start Guide puts business needs before technology, enabling you to make confident decisions about IT strategy, make the right choices for your business and reject 'solutions' that fix problems you don't have.

About the authors

Mark Williams has been using and/or building advanced computing technologies for over 17 years. He managed the cloud computing business for a major ITC provider and is now a cloud computing consultant helping customers improve their business operations and processes using Internet technologies. He chaired the Cloud Computing World Forum event in July 2010
  • Publishers Kogan Page have an enviable track record of putting together excellent quick start guides. This one is no exception as Dr Mark Williams breaks down a seemingly complex subject to the basics. In fact he manages to completely demystify it with an easy to follow introduction, benefits and risks sections and case studies. For this reason, I'd recommend this book to just about anybody.
    International Life, February 2011

  • International Life

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