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Practical Consultancy Ethics

Professional Excellence for IT and Management Consultants

Give yourself the decision-making tools to act ethically as a business consultant, preserving your professional reputation and minimising risk.
EAN: 9780749478537
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
304 pages

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About the book

Consultants - working for an organization but not as part of it - are particularly subject to commercial pressures from both their employers and their clients, never more so than when consulting on complex and costly IT engagements. A consultant's reputation is crucial to their professional capital, and they have to be able to make defensible decisions that protect this reputation whilst delivering value for the client. This means acting ethically, responsibly and commercially.

Practical Consultancy Ethics approaches the subject of ethics from the individual's perspective: the management or IT consultant who will need to make ethical decisions within their engagement. With clear-sighted identification of the ethical dilemmas that may arise at each stage of a consultancy project - from defining the problem to fit the solution, through to prioritizing competing stakeholder needs, and having access to confidential client information - and guidance on ethical and risk-reducing actions that consultants can take, the emphasis throughout is on improved decision-making. Enhanced with case studies showcasing real-life ethical pitfalls and featuring consultancy ethical dilemmas to challenge the reader, this is a uniquely practical guide to applying best ethical practice in consulting engagements.

About the authors

David Yardley is an IT consultant with a global provider of consulting and technology services. He has over twenty years' experience working in the IT industry within major organizations and consulting firms.
Over the years, his skills and experiences have enabled him to take an objective look at some of the key challenges facing his profession, understand how and why they occur and identify the practical steps needed to help overcome them.
His previous books include Successful IT Project Delivery, Careers in Computing and IT and Getting a Top Job in IT.

  • I am delighted to welcome and recommend this book on Practical Consultancy Ethics. David Yardley's work is timely. Business ethics have been under the public and media microscope for decades, but the attention is now far more intense. This book is a very welcome addition to our toolkit.
  • Alan Leaman, Chief Executive, Management Consultancies Association

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