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Author Insights - Is it Possible to Ever Fully Safeguard Against Supply Chain Risk?

Is it possible to fully safeguard against the huge range of risks companies now face? Learn how to develop a smarter approach to risk in this video

In this exclusive video John Manners-Bell gives insight into the natural, societal, economic and terrorist risks threatening supply chains across the globe. He answers important questions about supply chain risk, including:

-Is it ever possible to fully prepare for erratic natural disasters?
-What has been the impact of demand shocks?
-How are companies dealing with pressures to become responsible citizens?
-Is it possible to ever fully safeguard supply chains against terrorist attacks?

Supply Chain Risk assesses the various sources of external threat to the supply chain, including environmental, geopolitical, economic and technological. In this book, John Manners-Bell clearly describes the evolving risks to supply chains and how multinational corporations should be dealing with them at a strategic level.