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Forensic Accounting in Practice: What's Involved?

1st September 2017 | Fiona Hotston Moore

Fiona Hotston Moore, an accredited member of the Network of Independent Forensic Accountants (NIFA), practicing member of The Academy of Experts, and contributor to Forensic Accounting and Finance, provides some insight into the work of a forensic accountant and what type of cases they may work in. She also goes into detail about the recent type of work she's been involved in.

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About the Book

Forensic Accounting and Finance offers a complete, accessible and affordable guide, combining coverage of principle theory with the real and practical needs of the professional. Written by a strong academic and practitioner author team and in association with NIFA, this book covers all forensic accounting topics from forensics as an extension of auditing and the basic principles of forensic accounting, to financial analysis and modeling, financial reporting, financial crime, and IT systems.

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Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management

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