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How to Adopt a Good Learning Culture (3 Examples)

Microsoft, WD40 and HT2 have been identified as organizations with great learning cultures. 

Microsoft has experienced a huge transformation under their CEO and this has been driven by connecting the organization, removing silos and allowing creativity and learning to flow throughout the organization as a whole. Learning culture drove this transformation.

WD40 also was led to new heights using learning. Mistakes were celebrated rather than shamed, and the constant encouragement to learn and develop has seen a significant change in the organization’s revenue.

HT2, a small organization, has increased its staff retention rate by creating a culture that encourages sharing knowledge and information between individuals for the benefit of the organization as a whole.

Nigel Paine, author of Workplace Learning, uses these examples in this video as a template for how you can introduce a learning culture into your organization and make a genuine impact on the company.