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Jonathan Fletcher - Carrying Out Exploratory Behavioural Economics Research

In this video Jonathan Fletcher, Group Managing Director of Illuminas, outlines how exploratory behavioural economics can be applied market research and what sort of recommendations can be drawn from it.

Jonathan Fletcher, along with Dan Coffin, Director, Global Head of Health at Illuminas, is a contributor to The Market Research and Insight Yearbook. Their chapter, Using Behavioural Economics in Healthcare Research, shows the relevance and value of a behavioural economics approach to research in a professional area of decision making which is often thought of as highly rational and evidence based: prescribing practice.

In an exclusive selection of case studies, The Market Research and Insight Yearbook challenges how we think about market research and tells a powerful story by showcasing excellence, innovative methodology and remarkable results.

The Market Research and Insight Yearbook (9780749478339)

The Market Research and Insight Yearbook

The Market Research Society
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