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Norman Pickavance: Real-World Consequences of Disconnected Leadership

9th April 2015 | Norman Pickavance

Recently, we have seen many large organizations falling out of step with their teams and customers; efforts have been made to become more ethical, and yet we see examples of corruption and bribery in different parts of the world. The Reconnected Leader gets into those issues and looks at some practical steps that leaders can take to remedy those breaks in connection.

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Norman Pickavance, author of The Reconnected Leader, talks about real-life examples of disconnection in business. In the news we are seeing a lot of examples of organizations that are becoming disconnected. Banks and supermarkets have been in the headlines and organizations which once used to be truly in tune with what their customers wanted have lost their way.

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What the experts say

"Pickavance, former HR director of Morrisons and now at Grant Thornton, is a man on a mission: to put people back at the heart of business relationships. The Reconnected Leader is a barnstorming manifesto that hides a multitude of detail. He criticises the disposable workforces and distant execs that have become commonplace and urges a radical rethink: employee ownership, limited (but not non-existent) hierarchies and a new relationship with customers are just a few of the well-argued and convincingly sketched alternatives on offer in this intelligent read." (People Management 2015-01-03)

"Pickavance tackles the growing 'disconnection' between business leaders and the wider world in which they operate. And the man behind the Labour party's report into zero-hours contracts doesn't pull any punches, touching on the growing gulf between boards and stakeholders, executive pay, ungovernably large supply chains and the two-tier UK labour market...it's certainly a galvanizing read. Pickavance writes with passion and his business background gives him credibility. It should be required reading for leaders." (HR Magazine)

Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management

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