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What does a discover-led approach to decision making look like?

20th February 2018 | Ben Shenoy, Simon Haslam

In this video, Ben Shenoy, co-author of Strategic Decision Making, explains what a discover-led approach to decision making looks like for businesses. Shenoy explains why leaders need to get the right balance between experimentation, scaling, and framing in order to make the right decisions for their organization. 

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About the book

Strategic Decision Making is essential reading for business practitioners and management students alike, providing a framework that can be used to make sound decisions in an uncertain world. Available to buy as both paperback and ebook here (20% off with discount code 'SDM20').

Dr Ben Shenoy helps organizations apply behavioural insights to a variety of business issues through executive education, speaking engagements, and applied research. He is a Visiting Professor at The London School of Economics and Director of the Business Insights Lab at the University of Surrey.

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Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Risk

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