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Should ALL Employees Learn to Code?

In this video, Kenny Wood, author of Confident Web Design, discusses the key reasons why every employee should understand code - even if it's only the basics.

Coding is an essential skill for many digital marketers, but Wood argues that the skills developed by learning code are a benefit to all, and that code helps employees to develop a new mindset through the systematic approach of problem-solving.

Wood believes that knowing code allows employees to think logically, creatively and intuitively about problem-solving, and that this 'life skill' is needed in all fields across the world, as well as in an individual's personal life.

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About the Author

Kenny Wood has over 12 years of experience in web design and is the founder and director of IndigoMelody, a digital agency that specializes in creating websites, web apps, visual branding and social media strategies for a wide range of businesses. Confident Web Design is the perfect beginner's resource for understanding the basics of coding.