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Why Your Business will Benefit from a Financially Quantified Value Proposition

In this video, Malcolm McDonald, co-author of Malcolm McDonald On Value Propositions, explains how having a financially quantified value proposition can enable you to close more deals, reduce the sales cycle and limit the need for discounting – all causing a large increase in profitability.

Using research from the KAM Research Club, which revealed that only 1% of suppliers are currently differentiating themselves and offering real value to their customers, he looks at the effect of this on other suppliers and the devastating impact this can have on profitability, increasing the need for more sales dramatically to make up the profit.

Exploring real-world examples from global companies, this video will provide a clearer understanding of the benefits that come from developing a financially quantified value proposition, why, according to McKinsey, only 5% of UK companies currently use one, and why not enough marketers consider this as part of their job.