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Why DeFi Matters

What Cryptoassets, Web3 and the Metaverse Really Mean for Finance

Explore the rise of decentralized finance and get to the heart of how cryptocurrency will really transform payments, investing, banking and personal finance.
EAN: 9781398612938
Edition: 1
Format: 235 x 155
272 pages

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About the book

There is a pressing need for a balanced account outlining what DeFi actually means for investors, banks and the finance industry.

Why DeFi Matters cuts through the jargon and the hype to help people make more informed decisions in this space. It examines the evolution of DeFi and cryptocurrencies, analysing what it means for investors and the future of finance. It also outlines the developments that truly matter, distinguishing between longer-term trends and fads, and is a must-read for finance professionals, organizations and investors interested in moving into DeFi.

Why DeFi Matters explores the rise of DeFi and provides focused, balanced analysis about this alternative financial system that is being built and how it will coexist with banks, institutions and traditional finance. It examines the aspects of DeFi that will materially change financial systems and how they will alter the nature of purchasing, lending, insurance and banking; the role of web3 and the metaverse in the new era of finance; and its role in the democratization of finance.

About the authors

Ian Horne is the European Head of Content at Money 20/20, the organizer of the largest global events for the fintech industry where he works towards setting the fintech agenda for investors, technologists, banks and payments organizations. Prior to this, he was Head of UK Audience Development at Citywire. Ian Horne has been shortlisted for HeadlineMoney's UK Fintech Journalist of the Year award and is based in London, UK.
  • Why DeFi Matters is a must-read for anyone interested in a holistic understanding of the nuanced conversation around decentralized finance. From addressing the polarizing political climate to financial inclusion, Ian seamlessly blends financial insights, technological trends and philosophical musings, creating a captivating narrative that leaves you feeling inspired and hopeful about the potential of DeFi.
  • Nicole Casperson, Founder and Author, Fintech is Femme

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