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Reach the Optimum Inventory Level through K Curve

21st August 2015 | Geoff Relph, Catherine Milner

Reach the Optimum Inventory Level through K Curve


K curve enables a company to make the connection from
1.      Business needing to reduce value of inventory held, and
2.      The individual parts that the reduction will effect, so that
3.      The decisions on a parameter by SKU level can be fed into your business planning system (e.g. ERP, MRP) knowing that
4.      the result will give the business the new, required inventory value, as in step ‘1’ above, something that
5.      no other inventory planning process will give you



Inventory Management applauded by leaders at CILT and ISM


Peter Hutchins who runs the CILT & IOM Knowledge Centre expressed his excitement about the books unique insights and what engaged him was the fact that:
•        This is the first book that introduces and deals with K curve
•        The book enables you to explore and implement K curve as a practical solution
o   The reader is  given the information & help to build your own K curve in excel
o   Case studies show how K curve has been used to practical effect

In addition to meeting Peter Hutchins, Catherine Milner also met with Steve Agg, CILT UK Chief Executive and Mick Woodward, IOM Manager earlier this week. Catherine presented them with a signed copy of Inventory Management, which she has co-authored with Geoff Relph. Endorsed by both CILT and IOM, they were delighted to receive copies of the book.







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