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Why Developing Mental Toughness is Valuable

24th February 2016 | Doug Strycharczyk

Doug Strycharczyk Explains Its Tangible Benefits for Both Organisations and Individuals

Developing Mental Toughness (9780749473808)Mental toughness is defined as 'a personality trait which determines, in large part, how people respond to challenge, stress and pressure, irrespective of their circumstances'. It's important and valuable because it translates into real and tangible benefits for organisations and individuals.

First of all, it explains why people and companies behave the way they do. Mental toughness is a personality trait which describes mindset; it examines what is in the mind of the individual to explain the way why they behave the way they do. So there is an obvious link between mindset and behaviour.

Secondly, research and global case studies show that mental toughness is a major factor in most of the important outcomes for individuals and organisations:

  • Performance – Mentally tough people deliver more, work more purposefully, show greater commitment to purpose and are more competitive. This translates into better output, delivery on time and on target and better attendance.

  • Wellbeing –  Mentally tough people show better stress management, better attendance, are less likely to develop mental health issues, sleep better and are less prone to bullying. They can take stressors in their stride.

  • Positive Behaviour – Mentally tough people are more positive, more “can do”, respond positively to change and adversity,how better attendance, contribute to a positive culture and are more likely to accept responsibility and to volunteer for new task and activities.

  • Openness to Learning – Mentally tough people are more ambitious, prepared to manage more risk – seeing opportunity for learning everywhere, setting high standards and manage transition – crucially important in the 21st century.

Crucially all can be developed through targeted coaching, training and development.

About the author: Doug Strycharczyk is MD for AQR which is the organisation which has been instrumental in most of the pilots which lead to the adoption of Mental toughness in new sectors.

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