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Daragh O Brien

Daragh O Brien is the founder and managing director of Castlebridge, a leading data strategy consultancy based in Ireland. He has worked for almost three decades on the business side of data, helping change how people in organisations think about data. He has advised and worked with organisations as diverse as small local charities, Government Departments, EU Institutions, and the United Nations.

He is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and an IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy. He lectures in Data Protection and Data Governance in the Sutherland School of Law in University College Dublin. He is also a Syllabus Consultant and lecturer on Data Protection and Data Governance in the Law Society of Ireland's Diploma Centre and has delivered guest lectures on Data Ethics in the UCD Smurfit Graduate School of Business, Maynooth University, and Dublin City University.

Daragh O Brien is also a founding member of the Strategic Advisory Board to the School of Business in Maynooth University and a member of the Leaders' Data Organisation (www.dataleaders.org), a collaborative think-tank of data management consultants. He is an active research contributor to the Innovation Value Institute (www.ivi.ie) at Maynooth University and the Adapt Centre (www.adaptcentre.ie) in Trinity College Dublin. He has previously served on the board of several data management professional bodies, and he is a featured columnist on www.TDAN.com.

In 2022 he was honoured by the IVI in Maynooth University for his 25 years of contributions to data governance, data quality, data protection, and data ethics.

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