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The Future Home in the 5G Era

Next Generation Strategies for Hyper-connected Living

Understand how the house and home is changing in the digital hyper-personalized, IoT age, driven by 5G networks, edge computing and AI and learn what products and services are needed to meet the needs of customers.
EAN: 9781789665529
Edition: 1
Format: 222 x 157
200 pages

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About the book

The Future Home in the 5G Era looks at new hyper-connected home environments in which devices and apps will work together seamlessly to respond to and anticipate customers' needs, all with maximum security and privacy. Enabled by 5G, AI, and other new technologies such as eSim and edge computing, the Future Home's powerful service ecosystems will be a quantum leap from today's fragmented smart home technology, effectively extending the boundaries of the home even beyond the traditional bounds of the physical, to ultimately make consumers feel 'at home' anywhere. This will create tremendous opportunities for businesses including communication service providers (CSPs), device manufacturers and app developers, as well as those providing services in diverse sectors such as entertainment, health and social care, education, retail, and more.

The Future Home in the 5G Era combines original research from Accenture with practical insights and examples, showing how intelligently orchestrated Future Homes can yield economic success for businesses. Written by leaders of strategy and technology consultancy at Accenture, the authors have vast industry experience leading major units of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

This book looks at how businesses, especially CSPs, can overcome the challenges and capture the multi-billion-dollar Future Home market by putting strategic emphasis on excellent customer experiences, developing new business models, and turning their organizations into competitively agile platform-based innovators. For business leaders in any sector relevant to the Future Home, this book is an indispensable and value-creating guide.

About the authors

Jefferson Wang is a Managing Director with Accenture Strategy in their Communications, Media and Technology practice and leads the Communications Industry globally for Accenture Strategy.

George Nazi is a Senior Managing Director at Accenture, leading their Communications and Media Industry practice globally.

Boris Maurer is a Managing Director with Accenture Strategy leading their Communications, Media and Technology practice in Europe and leads Digital Transformation for the Accenture Communications, Media and Technology industries globally.

Amol Phadke is a Managing Director at Accenture leading the Global Network Services practice.

  • This book takes an in-depth look at one of the most fascinating challenges of today. It sheds light on the emergence of a radical new experience of home, driven by new technologies including 5G, AI, eSIM and edge computing. By using a powerful mix of real-life examples, strategic frameworks and thought-leading themes, it brings some great new insights for business leaders in the ecosystem connected to the Future Home. A must-read.
  • Vinod Kumar, CEO, Vodafone Business

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