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The New Strategist

Shape your Organization and Stay Ahead of Change

Succeed as a professional strategist and learn how to adapt to new challenges with this practical guide based on original research.
EAN: 9781789661125
Edition: 1
Format: 230 x 155
336 pages

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About the book

As organizations face an unprecedented rate of change, how should the role of the strategist adapt to address new challenges? Based on original research and consulting projects from the Institute of Management and Strategy, University of St. Gallen, The New Strategist is a practical guide which explains how to execute strategy, not just think about the theory. It examines day-to-day strategy work, explores the competences required by strategic leaders, and maps out the strategist's tools of the trade, including processes, initiatives and discourse.

Using a rich and unique data set, this book looks at the roles of different strategists in an organization and emphasizes the importance of managers and strategy consultants as well as Chief Strategy Officers and other leaders. Crucially, The New Strategist focuses on the practice of strategy rather than the theory, answering key questions around how professional strategists should work and which methods and techniques they should draw upon. This timely and authoritative text will support and strengthen managers in fulfilling their strategic leadership responsibilities, allowing them to contribute to the professionalization of the field and ensure their role is suitable for the future of business.

About the authors

Prof. em. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens is Professor Emeritus of Management (previously Executive Director) at the Institute of Management and Strategy at the University of St. Gallen. He is a member of multiple boards of international organizations, works as a consultant and trainer for a variety of companies, and is the recipient of several international awards. He researches and teaches on matters of strategic management and has co-authored nearly 400 publications, including Radical Business Model Transformation and The Management of Luxury (both published by Kogan Page).
  • The New Strategist not only provides the concepts and tools required for effective strategy making but also details the contexts, actors and competencies that animate the process. In this uniquely authoritative book, Müller-Stewens translates over 40 years of experience into an indispensable resource for anyone who aspires to become a true strategy professional.
  • Steven Floyd, Isenberg Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, USA

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