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The Practical Guide to Digital Transformation

Quickly Master the Essentials with Tips, Case Studies and Actionable Advice

Cut through the hype and decide on a digital roadmap for your organization with this practical, step-by-step guide to delivering successful digital transformation.
EAN: 9781398603653
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
232 pages

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About the book

Digital transformation is a vital practice for organizations trying to keep up with competitors, but with new digital approaches constantly promising to revolutionize the workplace it can feel impossible to keep up. Cut through the hype with this accessible guide to making end-to-end digital transformation happen.

While technology offers the possibility for business improvement, successful digital transformation also requires an effective strategy, the right culture, change management, the ability to stimulate innovation and the knowledge of where to upskill and where to bring in new talent. The Practical Guide to Digital Transformation covers each of these factors and more by breaking the process down to 17 easy-to-follow and practical steps.

Each chapter includes a case study of an organization getting it right, along with advice on putting the principle into action, key tips and tricks, and what you might say in your next meeting. This book also outlines how to start with the foundations of 'doing digital' and build from there, including data science, cyber security, workable technology, minimised stack duplication, data registers and good user experience. Quickly build confidence and make change happen with this actionable guide to the essentials of digital transformation.

About the authors

Dr Antonio Weiss, based in London, UK, is a Senior Partner at The PSC, an award-winning public service consultancy specialising in user-centred design, digital, strategy and delivery. He has advised the Office for Artificial Intelligence, the UK Space Agency and NHSx as well as numerous other pioneering digital organizations and frequently trains leaders to become digital transformation experts. He is also an Affiliated Researcher at the University of Cambridge's Digital State programme and the co-founder of Thomas Clipper, an e-commerce lifestyle brand for men featured in GQ, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

  • Refreshingly free of waffle and ego, this is an incredibly valuable guide - in fact almost a recipe - for launching and landing meaningful digital and business transformation. Every page shares precision insights and immediately actionable suggestions with a simplicity and clarity that only comes from many years of walking the walk. As useful for someone starting their digital transformation journey as one despairing about their progress to date!

  • Pete Herlihy, Lead Product Manager, UK Government Digital Service

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