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VECTOR: Six Fundamentals of Delivering a Presentation

Want to elevate your presentation delivery or improve your in-person communication skills?
Utilize Neil Mullarkey’s VECTOR acronym to communicate with confidence and creativity:

  • Voice
  • Eye contact
  • Conversational
  • Transition
  • Own the space
  • Rehearse


Here's my acronym to help you remember the basics of delivery. VECTOR.
V is for voice. Slow down, especially in virtual when mics and speakers could be terrible. This also means you can breathe and project as if in a big room but avoiding monotone.
E is for eye contact. Look at your audience, all of them, not just the nice ones or the important ones. Don't keep looking behind you at the slides on your screen and, if presenting virtually, favour the camera, the white light or the green light at the top of your laptop.
C is for conversation. Speak in real human terms, not jargon, like talking to a friend.
T is for transition. From topic to topic, or speaker to speaker, pass the ball cleanly, don't fumble the clicker or their intro. Be ready if you're the next speaker, don't draw attention if they overran, even better rehearse together so neither of you overruns.
Then O, own the space. Think body language. Stand up if it's virtual, maybe raise your camera but add gestures to add emphasis and energy, just the midzone above your tummy button.
And R is for rehearse. That will help everything. It means saying the words out loud, not so your word is perfect, but you know what's coming next and that you won't overrun. You might even cut out some things.
Remember, VECTOR.

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